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Check out the new video for DEMOLITION MAN from the UPCOMING CD - SCENES FROM THE COUNTY FAIR. Click the button below to get SMASHED!!!

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Rob will be headed back to Nashville in February to continue preparations for the CD Release and to prepare for touring. Stay tuned for info.

Rob loves Guitars! Here he is, showing off two of his Les Pauls that he played on the upcoming CD - SCENES FROM THE COUNTY FAIR.  Left: Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Standard (Rob's Favorite Guitar!) Right: Black Beauty Gibson Les Paul Custom (3 pickups and Gold hardware)

In the Studio with

Rob Pulsifer

County Fairs and local festivals have been Rob's musical stomping grounds for years, so he wrote the songs on SCENES FROM THE COUNTY FAIR in dedication to these iconic American events.



AT THE COUNTY FAIR follows young lovers on their tour of the fairgrounds.

DEMOLITION MAN delivers the impact of a collision in the Demolition Derby.

ELLIE'S BARBECUE tantalizes the tastebuds with the smokey flavor of fair food.

THIS MUST BE LOVE tells a story of both newly-discovered and long-lasting love with bluegrass flair.

Rob's blending of Classic Rock guitars with Country-Style songwriting creates a fresh blend of music he calls "Northern Rock" in honor of his home in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. These songs celebrate small town America, in all 50 states, and in all directions, North/South/East/West.

Grab a Sausage and Peppers, put on your dancing shoes, and join Rob for a joyous musical romp across the USA!